Jonathan’s Journey is a non profit created in memory of my son Jonathan Lee.  Jonathan was 7 years old when he passed away from 2 types of cancers, Pancreatoblastoma and Choriocarcinoma.  Both cancers are very rare and Jonathan bravely fought his cancers for 2 years and 7 months. During that time, we were so lucky to have been supported by other non profits who knew the long road that we were traveling.  Our goal is to make a difference in a families life whose child has cancer.  Whether it be a toy to brighten up their day, a giftcard to let them buy a meal, a check to pay an electric bill.  Our main goal is to do whatever is necessary to lighten their worries and give them hope for another day.  To date we have been able to donate over $25,000 in toys, $6,000 in gift cards, and $5,000.00 in I-pads for the hospitals.
Our main goal is to continue helping children with cancer be able to smile, laugh, and have hope for tomorrow.  My long term goal would be to build a playroom on the roof of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  One where it would have skylights that can open up and allow for fresh air to fill the area.  Many children are in the hospital for long periods, sometimes years without being able to go outside.  Children should be running around playing, smelling the fresh air, and allowing the sun to shine on their faces.  Jonathan was an innocent child who was not able to do all the things a healthy child was able to do.  I know he would be looking down from heaven and be so happy to know that he made a difference.

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