Toy Drive and Gift Card Drive for 2011

toysI just wanted to let everyone know that Jonathan’s Toy Drive and Gift Card Drive for 2011 will be on as usual. Last year we donated an amazing amount for both hospitals. This year and every year, I’d love to have Jonathan’s Toy Drive get bigger and bigger.

Last year for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia we donated over $5,000.00 dollars in toys and $1,400.00 in gift cards. For The Children’s Hospital here in Aurora, we donated a

wagon full of toys and 20 gift bags filled with $40.00 dollars in Target giftcards and candies for each child that was in the hospital on Christmas.

I have a funny story to tell you. One time right before Christmas Jonathan had a clinic visit where he was getting out patient chemo. Before leaving the house he said to me, “Mommy, I don’t think there’s really a Santa Clause”. I told him that indeed there was. I told him that Santa hears everything that he says and that to let him know that there would be a Lego waiting for him when he got home. I called my husband and asked him to put out a Lego that I had bought and hidden. We got home and Jonathan says, “Do you really think there will be a Lego from Santa?” We walked in and right there was a Lego. Jonathan’s eyes got real wide and he said, “I’m sorry I ever doubted you Santa!” I’ll never forget that moment. I’ll also never forget how Christmas was a magical experience for Jonathan and how it should always be a magical experience for every child.

I hope that all the things we do, small or big, that we are successful in making a difference. I know the road that these families are traveling. To say that life is fair, is not true. If life were fair, then children wouldn’t be sick with any type of illness. To watch your child be sick and feel helpless is heart wrenching enough, but to watch your child take his last breath is something that I will never ever be able to put into words. So, please help me make Jonathan’s Toy Drive and Gift Card drive a success. This and all we do is in memory of a little boy with lots of spunk who used to make his Christmas list in July.

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