Wow, summer goes so fast….

leavesA couple of weeks ago I was dropping Justin and Jena off to school and Justin noticed that the leaves on the trees were turning colors. I told him that I didn’t like fall and that it makes me sad when summer ends. He asked me why and I told him that it’s because it’s coming up to the anniversary of Jonathan going to heaven on October 8. Every year I go through this, a sadness when Labor Day hits and no matter how much

I try not to think about it, it happens. I feel the weather get cooler, I look at my garden as it starts to wind down, I see the leaves changing colors, and it brings me all right back to 3 years ago when there were clues to Jonathan’s cancer. His numbers were going high, he was more tired, he needed more transfusions, and then we were in the ER for the very last time before they sent us home to make Jonathan as comfortable as possible. Throughout Jonathan’s cancer battle, we always, always had hope. People live on hope and that was the time when hope was taken away from us and all we could do was wait until Jonathan knew it was time to go to heaven. I can’t tell you in words how much pain and emotions run through us and how much I try to suppress them, but the mind, body, and especially the heart knows and no matter what, I need to go through it.

We continue to very slowly heal though by giving back to the families who are going through what we did. For what would have been Jonathan’s 10th birthday this past May, we were able to donate $2500.00 in toys and gift cards and 5 I-pads to The Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. Mrs. Z in Sharon School has also done a yearly band aid drive in memory of Jonathan, which she continues to do. A picture has been uploaded in the photo gallery of the drop off. For the children’s hospital here in Colorado, we are currently in talks with them to donate an exercise bicycle which they badly need and another I-pad.

Jonathan’s Journey has officially become a 501(c)(3) which means that contributions are deductible. Jonathan’s Journey has also been added to the Merrill Lynch, Bank of America donation website and so if you contributed more than $25 in gifts or money, they will match that same amount. Thank you for donating and for supporting Jonathan’s Journey: I know there are a million non profits out there, so it means a great deal to me that you chose ours to support and donate to. I hope we continue to make a difference….


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