2012 Toy Drive

Toy_DriveI hope 2013 is bringing everyone lots of love, happiness, laughter, and health. I just wanted to¬† let everyone know how we did for the 2012 Jonathan’s Journey toy drive.

This year for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia we were able to donate $2500.00 in toys and $360.00 in gift cards.
Also, the Child Life Specialists had a Wish List of items needed for the children who are In-patient at the hospital.

We were able to use the funds in Jonathan’s Journey and purchase 7 wagons, 8 ride on toys, 3 portable DVD players, 2 flip camcorders, and a Sony Playstation 3 game system and games. These items will be housed in the hospital for all the children on the Oncology floor to use.

For the Children’s Hospital Colorado, every child who woke up in the hospital on Christmas morning received a goody bag filled with play doh, crayons, coloring books, toys, stickers, and $65.00 in Target gift cards. An Apple I-pad and Sony Playstation II was also donated to the Physical Therapy department for the Child Life Specialists to use with the children during their therapy.

I know that 2012 was a hard year for everyone. It’s seems like it gets more difficult to donate just because we need to stay on top of our bills and make ends meat. That’s why I truly appreciate every donation that we receive. When we drop off the toys and gift bags, you should see the smiles on the nurses and the Child Life Specialists. I know that in their hearts, that they truly appreciate our gifts. It shows in their smiles and their eyes.

Thank you for keeping Jonathan’s memory alive. I know that he is looking down and smiling. He continues to make a difference…..


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