Imagine a Week in the Hopital . . . Because of a Splinter

SplinterImagine yourself being a child again.  Do you remember what it was like?  Were you a curious child?  Were you an active child?  Were you a creative child?  It was a time when you were innocent and you believed that if you thought it, it could come true.  It was a time when you believed in Santa and the Tooth Fairy.  It was a time when you were happy and carefree, not a worry in the world.

That is what life should be like for every child, carefree and happy.  Yet, for a child with cancer or any other serious illness, life isn’t carefree and happy.  Your childhood is basically robbed from the disease.  You can’t go places, you can’t attend certain activities because of the worry that you will catch a germ and wind up in the hospital.  You are probably in the hospital once every week for labs, and in the hospital every three weeks for chemo.

One time Jonathan got a splinter, yes just a plain old splinter in his finger.  We were in the hospital for 7 days because it was right after his chemo and his body didn’t have the immune system to fight back.  Can you imagine being in the hospital for 7 days for a splinter?  I’m sure most of you cannot, but for a family whose child is fighting cancer, a hospital stay is like a second home.  For a child with cancer, tomorrow is hope and a dream that they will win their battle.

Jonathan’s  Journey is all about giving back to the families and children with cancer.  It’s about giving back as much of their childhood as possible.  It’s about easing the worries and putting smiles on their faces, even if it’s just for a little bit.  Your donations are used for toys, gift cards, I-pads, and any other items that the children, families, and hospitals need to brighten a child’s day.   We’re a small non-profit but with time, I hope to make one of my other dreams come true.

My other dream is to build a big playground on the roof of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and then from there build them on other children’s hospitals.  A playground where the roof retracts and lets fresh air, wind, and sound enter.  A playground specialized for children with illnesses so that during their stays, they have a place where they can get away to do what any normal child would do.

Why an indoor/outdoor playground?  When Jonathan was diagnosed with his second cancer, Choriocarcinoma we were in the hospital for over 5 weeks. My friend was across the street and wanted me to step out for just a little bit.  It was the end of June and when I walked outside, I realized that the fresh air was almost suffocating.  It took a bit for me to get adjusted to breathing the air and I felt dizzy and light headed.  That’s when I knew, that there had to be something else for the children.  Not just a hospital room with re-circulated air and artificial light.  They needed actual fresh air and sunlight on their beautiful faces.

If you could make a difference to a child’s life by donating a small amount, maybe the amount for lunch or a dinner out, would you?  I realize that sometimes you have to ask.  So, I’m asking, will you donate?  I’m asking because my son Jonathan deserved much better.  I’m asking because I don’t have the opportunity to watch my son grow up.  I don’t have the opportunity to hold or kiss him any longer.  What I have is the ability to do things in memory of my son who was amazing….  October 8 will be 4 years since Jonathan passed.  Please, donate.

Please, go to  There you can donate two ways, a one time donation or you can subscribe to donate a small amount monthly so that you can budget your expenses.  You can also send a check made payable to:  Jonathan’s Journey and send to 8425 South Wildcat Street, Highlands Ranch, CO  80126.

We’re gearing up towards the Christmas Toy Drives for both the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia and the one here in Colorado.  Please make a difference!

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