Meet Jonathan

Who is Jonathan Lee?

Jonathan Lee was an amazing gifted boy.  He was sweet, funny, and definitely sassy.  If Jonathan had an opinion or a thought, well then you heard about it.  He had a smile that would melt anyones heart and he definitely charmed his way into people’s lives.  I don’t think there was ever a person who met him that wasn’t somehow touched or impacted by him.  In that young body of his, was a very wise old man.  He was way mature for his age and people took notice.   He approached everything that he did with 110%.  There was no half way with Jonathan.  It was all  or nothing.

Jonathan’s Bestest Buddy:  His brother Justin, they would often do belly high fives.

Favorite toys:  Hot Wheels Cars and Legos

Favorite shows:  5:00 Channel 7 Eyewitness News, America’s Funniest Videos, and The Food Network

Favorite chocolate:  Hersheys

Favorite songs:  I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll and We Will We Will Rock You


Jonathan’s favorite color was orange. Orange represents enthusiasm, happiness, determination, success, encouragement, strength, and endurance.

He chose October 8, 2009 the season of Fall to be the season when he earned his Angel wings. I ask that as the years pass, that the changing of the leaves remind you of my son.

Jonathan, the meaning of his name is “Gift of God” and he truly was a gift to me.

Jonathan’s favorite saying while putting his hands behind his head was, “This is the life.”  He was a carefree little boy who was taken from us at too young of an age.  He was my hero.

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